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A Drop in the Ocean

A Drop in the Ocean is a Norwegian NGO that started operating in Lesvos, Greece, in 2015 to support people on the move. During the first initial years, A Drop in the Ocean worked mainly on the front line, helping the refugees by handing out warm clothes, blankets, and drinks. Eventually, the organisation became responsible for creating children's activities and distributing food and non-food items to people on the move on the islands and in several places on the mainland. The organisation was quickly assigned key roles inside several refugee camps on the mainland. Since 2016, volunteer field workers have been responsible for various activities, including language classes and non-formal educational activities, clothing and food distribution, laundry service, community empowerment mobilisation activities, and social gatherings for adults and children. A Drop in the Ocean runs activities designed to help restore a sense of normality and dignity and to help build resilience and practical skills for people on the move. We operate in Lesvos, Nea Kavala, Alexandria, Athens, Poland and Bosnia-Herzegovina.

A Drop in the Ocean's headquarters are situated in Oslo; the Greek branch Stagona, which operates in several locations in Greece, is run by a team of volunteer field workers and coordinators.

We believe everyone deserves a chance; we promote this by supporting people on the move.



  • Logistics Coordinator (open for application)
  • Site Coordinator
  • Volunteer Coordinator
  • Project Coordinator
  • Non Formal Education Coordinator
  • Greek language Teacher
  • HR Coordinator
  • Communications Coordinator
  • Voluntary Fieldworker (open for application)
  • Human Resources Support Intern (open for application)
  • Non-Formal Education Intern
  • Humanitarian Aid Intern
  • Community Empowerment Mobilisation Intern
  • Integration Support Intern



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