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OCTANE Management Consultants is a fast-growing consultancy founded in 2007 by consulting professionals with several decades of combined experience in management consulting and corporate finance. In the past fifteen years OCTANE has successfully completed over 800 strategy, restructuring and governance projects for some of the largest companies of the Greek private and public sector as well as international investors and funds.

We are aiming to provide high-value advisory services for strategic issues to ambitious, open-minded and dynamic Greek CEOs and managers, and to build around our most important and valuable assets:

  • The experience, quality and training of our consulting team, and
  • The strength and durability of our relations with our clients

We chose a name which best describes our role within a company – we see ourselves as a high-impact fuel which can boost a company’s performance and make its internal engines perform at their highest capacity !

We hope to become a point of reference for companies and executives which are looking for honest, clear, timely and practical advice which will help them clarify their strategic direction, manage their market more effectively or align the internal resources of their companies. Our ambition is to revitalize and improve the image of consulting firms in the Greek market, providing services that excite our clients, energize their companies and make us proud.



  • Business Analysts, Business Consultants, Data Entry Administrators



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