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Chipglobe focuses on Design, Verification, and Software/Firmware/Embedded Systems Consulting with both Insourcing (at Customer premises) and Outsourcing (Chipglobe Design Center) working models. Chipglobe offers expertise for the complete development flow. We sell embedded prototyping systems with hardware encryption and capabilities to connect to the cloud through our Webshop. Chipglobe headquarters is in Munich, Germany, with a Chipglobe Entity in Singapore and a Design Center (ODC) in Belgrade, Serbia, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam, and Thessaloniki, Greece. We are more than 90 senior experts with an experienced management team and strong growth. Based on the strong experience of our staff we manage and execute projects in a wellcommunicated and success-proven way. Chipglobe has been founded in 2014.



  • Junior Functional Verification Engineer
  • Senior Functional Verification Engineer
  • Junior RTL Design Engineer
  • Senior RTL Design Engineer
  • Junior Layout and Physical Design Engineer
  • Senior Layout and Physical Design Engineer

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