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HORISEN Solutions is a software company that creates telecom and marketing software for world-leading mobile operators and enterprises of all verticals. We are not outsourcing our brains to other companies' projects. We develop our own products and work exclusively on them.

For us, as a team, this is HORISEN's unique feature. Working at HORISEN Solutions is, therefore, quite exciting: you'll always be exploring new technologies, learning new skills, and boosting the know-how with the full support from your colleagues.

Such an approach gives us full freedom to propose new solutions and to enhance or change the existing ones. Each employee gets an opportunity to become a creative decision-maker. The best idea always wins! The reason why we enjoy being fully immersed in our work is that we get to see the realization of our concepts. There is no better feeling than to see 'your' product alive and kicking!


  • Project Manager
  • Senior Frontend Developer (Angular)
  • Senior Backend Developer (Go)
  • Senior QA Engineer
  • Network Engineer



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