Golden Hotels

GOLDEN Hotels & Resorts is immensely proud of its home island of Crete. We nurture a deep respect for both its environment and its potential to prosper economically, and recognise how this may positively impact its society at large.

As the owner and operator of four hotels in Crete, we identify the critical role we must play in safeguarding the island, and are uncompromisingly committed to embracing this challenge. Moving into our fourth decade of operation, we are intensely focused on adopting exclusively sustainable environmental and social practices, as well as ensuring local sourcing. By undertaking conservation now, we are gifting the future of our island, and our guests, with choice: the chance for invigorating, life-changing and mindful holiday experiences. And that’s something that we believe is worth celebrating.


  1. Quality Specialist
  2. Cost Controller
  3. F&B Manager
  4. Assistant F&B Manager
  5. Maitre
  6. Captain
  7. Σερβιτορος Α’
  8. Barman
  9. Executive Chef
  10. Sous Chef
  11. Μάγειρας Α’ & Β’
  12. Front Office Manager
  13. Receptionist
  14. Guest Relations Officer
  15. Reservations Agent
  16. Housekeeping Manager
  17. Assistant Housekeeping Manager
  18. Spa Manager
  19. Spa Therapists
  20. HR Trainee
  21. Hospitality Trainees


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