AllinBlusive specializes in providing VIP private day cruises in several prominent locations such as Halkidiki, Mykonos, Corfu, and Mallorca, with plans to expand to additional destinations in Greece, Spain, France, UAE and globally.

The bulk of our yacht fleet is specifically reserved for guests from luxury resorts in the region and is moored at elite marinas, all of which are privately owned.

In recent years, the company has garnered several awards, including being named the World's Leading Private Cruise Company for six consecutive years. Additionally, AllinBlusive has been recognized with the Travellers Choice Awards and the Certificate of Excellence from Tripadvisor, not to mention being the sole yacht company in the Mediterranean to be awarded the Blue Flag. We are also certified as a "Great Place to Work".

The team at AllinBlusive consists of seasoned professionals, both men and women, who hold a deep passion for their field of work. With an eye on expansion for the upcoming 2024 season and beyond, we are presently seeking yacht captains to augment our team. This position will be available in the next season, and since we are keen on investing in our personnel, a stable, long-term collaboration is a preferred arrangement.

Our yachts are not only privately owned but also meticulously maintained year-round by top-tier, authorized professionals, ensuring that your daily life onboard is smooth, safe, and dependable.

We take great pride in being the highlight of our guests' vacations, and your employment experience will resemble a paid holiday.



  • Yacht Stewardess
  • Yacht Captain
  • Sales Person
  • Front Office
  • Accounting
  • Designer / Digital Marketing


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