Concentrix + Webhelp

We’re Concentrix + Webhelp and we design, build and run game-changing customer journeys that help brands grow, across the world and into the future.

We understand customers better than anyone else can. Within billions of data-points, our engineers find and harness the insight to craft experiences that touch hearts and move markets. We believe in creating experiences that go beyond Wow; combining human talent with artificial intelligence to design, build and run truly integrated customer journeys, at scale, across the entire enterprise.

Whether you’re a small company with big ideas or a leading global brand, we’re not just your next-door neighbor, we’re everyone’s, everywhere.

It doesn’t matter if your customer journey spans channels, technology, or even oceans – we’ve got you covered.

We’re behind the scenes of the brands you rely on every day, so chances are, we’ve already met!

In Greece, Webhelp Hellas started operating in 2016 and currently employs more than 1.800 people coming from 84+ countries and serving our clients in 25 different languages - and we keep on growing! Our call center operations make up for the biggest part of what we do - and our client portfolio is growing steadily, creating exciting new professional opportunities every day – Join us!

Find new colleagues and lifelong friends in our community of passionate game-changers. Find what you are looking for at Concentrix + Webhelp!



  • Spanish Speaking Customer Service Advisor
  • German Speaking Customer Service Advisor
  • French Speaking Customer Service Advisor
  • Italian Speaking Customer Service Advisor
  • Dutch Speaking Customer Service Advisor
  • Virtual Sales Expert for Papastratos - Philip Morris International (on-site)
  • Spanish Speaking Sales Advisor
  • German Speaking Sales Advisor
  • French Speaking Sales Advisor
  • Italian Speaking Sales Advisor
  • Dutch Speaking Sales Advisor
  • English Speaking Sales Advisor


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