ELIVI Skiathos Hotel

The 5-star ELIVI Skiathos hotel represents redefined luxury reflected on the elegant and unadorned, found on the details and expressed discretely through the generous services offered. ELIVI Skiathos define a new tourism culture by making their own contribution to a major goal-objective: The return of the positive worldwide interest to the place that gave birth to knowledge, values and ideals, and shared them generously with the rest of the world.

The story behind the picture, the beauty beyond the impressiveness, the uniqueness of the place, the local tradition, the nostalgia of another age: all have been blended harmoniously and have left their mark throughout the area where the old XENIA once stood, hospitable and full of life.

The building that had become a synonym for high quality, bearing local characteristics, and also for inspired architecture according to the profile of its times and the surrounding environment, was the key motivator for an investment that could keep alive and continue the traditional relationship between Greeks and hospitality.

ELIVI stands for what is Greek, authentic, pure, hospitable and generous. This is exactly the feeling it wishes to convey to its guests.  Luxury with aesthetics, services offered with politeness, cordiality and concern so as to develop a meaningful relationship between the guest and the place; a need to return as well as a desire to create bonds with the people and feel respect for the place.


  • Σερβιτόροι
  • Maids
  • Front Office Receptionist
  • Guest Relations
  • Concierge
  • Head Bartender
  • Front Office Manager
  • SPA Therapist
  • Reservations Executive
  • Housekeeping Manager
  • Maitre-Captain


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