Sigmia is a specialist provider of system integration, solution optimization and support services for Oracle Retail solutions and a gold member of the Oracle Partner Network. Our practice focuses on Supply Chain Optimization and Merchandise Planning & Optimization.

The Sigmia team objective is to empower organizations to reach their true potential by streamlining and optimizing their operations, leveraging industry-leading Oracle Retail solutions. Our certified expertise and long experience working with the Oracle RPAS platform, enables us to deliver on a broad spectrum of business solutions like Merchandise Financial Planning (MFP), Assortment Planning (AP), Retail Demand Forecasting (RDF), Category Management (CatMan), Item Planning (IP), Size Profile Optimization (SPO) and Regular Price Optimization (RPO).

Our team is comprised of experienced consultants who have collaborated with large organizations around the world (including Global 500 companies), applying acumen and skill to meet demanding requirements while at the same time adhering to strict timelines. Our key to success fully stems from comprehending and understanding each client's needs and working together with them to determine an effective and pragmatic roadmap that enables the delivery of robust solutions, tailored to optimize the organization's operations and performance.


  1. Software Engineer


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