Sunfos Alessia Yachting – Mykonos

We are a company of owned Sailing Yachts founded in 2010 by travel agents who have been in the travel business for more than twenty years and who wanted to share their passion and love for sailing. With headquarters in Athens and with a base in Mykonos Island, Sunfos is the very first company that introduced in the island of Mykonos since 2012 the Semi-Private Day Cruises by Sailing Yacht. In 2018 Sunfos proudly introduced the elegant and spacious 34-meter Motor-Sailer Yacht, offering for the first time in the island an authentic and superior sailing experience with comfort and upgraded services. Both Regular and Private Day Sailing Yacht Cruises are designed by Sunfos know-how and experience in the Tourism and Travel Industry. Sailing with Sunfos in Mykonos is an off-the-beaten-track vacation experience characterized by its love and passion for sailing, personalised service and travel & tourism wide knowledge.
After all, sailing is the best way to experience Mykonos, the “Island of Winds”!



  • Υπάλληλος Τουριστικού Γραφείου / Travel Agent
  • Διπλωματούχος Αγγλόφωνος Ξεναγός / Licensed English-Speaking Guide
  • Πλήρωμα / Crew


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