Anna Agelidou, Team leader, Branch Thessaloniki, ManpowerGroup

Anna Agelidou is a team leader, branch Thessaloniki, in ManpowerGroup S.A. She has a considerable 25-year professional experience. So far, she has successfully contributed in many projects of personnel management (recruitment, coaching, consulting, mentoring, payroll process, assessment tests and evaluations) and she has efficiently cooperated with big organizations and local middle size enterprises.

In the past she served as an Event Sales Manager in the Kempinski Hotel Chain Nikopolis in Thessaloniki, as a client coordinator in Maersk Sealand Hellas, and Client Service Supervisor in UPS Inc. She holds MBA Degree at University of Bolton and IATA/UFTAA Diploma.

She has participated in numerous training activities in multinational companies in the industry of tourism, shipping, services and human resources.

Thessaloniki #JobFestival 2019 Reborn

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